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Fujikura MCI Practice Shaft

by Mandy Chan on
Fujikura MCI Practice Shaft


The Fujikura MCI Practice Shaft and MCI Practice Plus Shaft are one of the best practice aids you can invest in for 2020.  These can be installed in any iron from 7 iron down and are used to correct full swing issues like quick takeaway and tempo, early release, casting, and flipping at impact. If you're looking to buy the Fujikura MCI Practice Shaft in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore or anywhere in SE Asia, get in contact with us to find out which of our locations can shop it to you.

Fujikura MCI Practice Pink

MCI Practice was developed from the demand of Japan Tour players looking for a shaft that could help them find a repeatable tempo and expose any swing sequence flaws. The golf swing is a series of loading and unloading from takeaway to impact.

Fujikura MCI Practice Plus Iron

The MCI Practice iron shaft was designed to amplify the feel of this loading and unloading to help expose and prevent a number of flaws throughout the swing. MCI Practice can help issues you may have with quick takeaway, early release, casting, flipping and out of sequence tempo. Its lightweight design and extremely soft profile will expose these issues, giving you enhanced and direct feedback that you can feel to make adjustments for a more sequential, consistent swing. MCI Practice PLUS (102g) was recently added for golfers looking for a heavier, tapered tip model.

Here's the Fujikura MCI Practice Iron Specifications:

Fujikura MCI Practice Iron Specs

Buy the Fujikura MCI Practice Irons in Thailand at Golf Shafts Thailand

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If you're a dealer (golf shop, clubfitting center, golf facility or clubbuilder in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam or any other SE Asian country, please visit Golf Shafts Asia to find out about dealer prices for this shaft.

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