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Fujikura Driver Shafts are known as the Spin Killers

by Cheryl Lee on


In this week’s episode, Paul interview’s his good friend Spencer Reynolds, Brand Manager for Fujikura Golf Shafts.

Since their inception in 1995, Fujikura Composites America has been at the forefront of design and development to produce the world’s best golf shafts. Their mission is to bring joy to all golfers by improving their game and maximizing their potential.

When looking at Fujikura Driver Shafts, it’s clear that they are the cutting edge in shaft design. Their shafts are known to be the spin killers in the golfing world, and their graphite shafts are great for adding distance to your game as well as accuracy. Superior carbon fibers in the Fujikura Driver Shafts offer many benefits. Using premium materials allows Fujikura shafts to add weight in just the right areas for maximum benefit. Using the right golf driver shaft for the perfect swing is what it’s about in this game. And, Fujikura graphite Shafts allow for increased club-head speed to get the distance and low ball spin you are looking for every time.

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